The Developers Lunacy File

Last development:
13th October 1997

Welcome to The Developers lunacy file secured for your personal pleasure by the greatest Dead Mole around!
Within these shadowy confines lurks the untold doom of more than just a mole, no less than the Short Story and Poem. Spun by the developers' hand these are yarns of the dodgiest nature shrouded in untold quantities of velveteen fur provided by the Dead Mole himself. So take your pick from what's available below but don't let me warn you cos I can't wait till it's to late!
Vacant Destruction
Life Ending
Less Of Face
A Boy Called Desire
Ode To A Bleak Mid-Winter
Depth Of The Mind

Well now you've had a taste of my bitter mind I think you'll find this a little worse. Constructed as part of daily life and now added here is the Room Of Infinite Phrase, a place where short extracts of my mind can be found roaming its unpleasant backdrop. Investigate these bursts of infinite wisdom if you will and you may find your mind overloading, you have been warned!

It would seem that my mind is set to continue its self destructive path to oblivion in my Theories Of The Developer page. Good luck in their madness as those who succomb to attempting the proofs of these conglealed thoughts melt into the failure of their foolishness.

Why would I write all this? To find out this is where you can go.

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