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Confused and battered my mind wavers, its strength deserting. The torrent of woe that washes over me threatens to sweep me away. Into the depths of my soul it penetrates were even I don't dare to tread. Control is lost as the unevenflow continues, forcing its way into your life, your body and your mind. It consumes all those in its path leaving nothing but the debris to collect together and strive to return once again. The process is repeated over as each day goes by. Twisted reminants are all that remains as the debris is recycled once more, each time more fragmented than before. Will this ever change? Can we ever overcome the rush and stand firm as it cascades round us. Only time has a vantage point as eventually all succomb to the river of the worlds conciousness, the collective fear of few bringing down the many. The story of life itself.

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The above text is copyrighted to James A. Branthwaite (25/4/96)

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