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Last edited: 22nd March 1996

Welcome to the backwaters of my mind. This is where the irreverent jucies of my mind congeal to form and then dissapate it great fits of mindless energy. Read on and you will see the product of my past school lessons and current lectures here at Brunel.

Subject: Lectures

Shit was created in order that lecturers can spew it. (7/3/96)

Shit is stirred by department heads. (7/3/96)

Life is an inconsistant variable controlled solely by the inverse proporitionallity in life to wasted time spent trying to learn and failing. (7/3/96)

The current rate of crap is directly proportional to the amount of lecture time one suffers. (14/3/96)

If I integrate Martin Greenhow ( maths lecturer ), the resultant will give a large turd on the backside of the universe. I feel sorry for the universe. (14/3/96)

Subject: General

The lawnmower of the universe has swept through my life cutting all my hopes into shreads while leaving all the worries intact like the weeds of political paradise known as the real world. (7/3/96)

Life is defined by the amount of crap you can cope with within a specified amount of time. Greater density of crap shortens your lifespan. The ability to cope with large quantities of crap promotes longlevity. (14/3/96)

What's this but an empty void. The soul of ones being is ripped apart by the stench of unbeing as one reaches into the depths of the heart. (16/3/96)

Life the substance of all being has been eaten, chewed and spat out again by the irreverence of the populous. (16/3/96)

Stress, when applied to a component such as the brain can be assumed to be of the mental variety. The ability of such a component to withstand this varies with the type of component. A term 'madness' is given to those components which absorb the stress and exhibit undefineable behaviour as a result. (21/3/96)

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