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Less Of Face

Pain, what does it mean? Is it more than just a feeling, a message the body screams when it cannot be heard by an ignorant?

Right now someone was feeling pain and lots of it. It was probably caused by the bodies reaction to the sudden apperance of a number of holes in legs, abdomen and arms. These were of course bleeding with a sticky, shloshy red liquid commonly known as blood.

Pain, however, can be ignored if you are preoccupied with something overriding such as the avoidance of more pain. This someone was crawling (or something which was trying its best to resemble the general idea of movement close to the ground using as many limbs as one had left), away from the cause of this pain. The problem however arose that the dead-end which this someone now occupied had only one exit, or entrance depending on how you look at it. This person was definitely now viewing it as an exit but knew that the cause of its pain would be seeing the opposite imminently.

This dead-end was devoid of life and was surrounded by ten-storey flats, the kind which look too derelict to live in but infact house half the population of the local area. Not that you'd notice considering no-one ever entered or left. There was however one very small box (once a tree but now definitely devoid of life). It was the kind of box that sits there and says, "Haha, I'm a little box, what possible use am I to someone like you. Hope you cop it." To most people a box of this nature should be ignored, but, as this person was now obviously going to die, it was at least worth seeing what was inside.

Another person rounded the corner and entered the alley. All that could be seen was the other person with very little life left moving towards a very small box. Laughing quietly and lifting the gun that was being carried the new someone sniggered, "Look at that, reduced to the floor and still carrying on."

It had now reached the box.

"We told you again and again but you didn't listen."

It was having trouble with the lid because of the parcel tape, the lack of a small quantity of fingers wasn't helping either.

"What a fool you were thinking that we wouldn't notice, shame really."

The tape was now off thanks to a sharp knuckle. However the other was walking up behind, the breath could be heard, footsteps felt.

"You know how much I'm going to enjoy this." The other giggled as the barrel lowered.

It rolled aside as swiftly as one and a half arms, two broken legs and an intestine would allow. A faint wind blew and the box which he had almost finished opening was finally blown wide as a very large tiger lept from within. The other was set-upon as it lay helpless. Someone or something altogether different emerged from the box and plucked the unsupecting first from the ground and retreated back to the box. The tiger dragged the remains of the other into the box leaving without a trace.

The box* vanished soon after.

* The box here is a class of interdimensional portal which intermitantly appear at complete random throughout the multiverse. Very little is known about them since noone ever stopped to ask or ever got out to explain. However one thing is known, they prey on anyone and are without mercy so watchout!

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