Excuses For The Developers Creation

Occasionally everyone feels frustrated. Once in a while everyone gets annoyed. Every now and again everyone lets their mind wander completely at random. These things don't always happen at any particular time and everyone deals with them differently. I discovered writing about anything that coallesced in my mind was one way of relieving myself of lifes little worries or at least it helped to express an often confused mind. Writing in this way has a calming effect on me and it helps me to concentrate. Often my mind goes off at a tangent, somewhere others never would. I think this is because sometimes it is possible for me to just let my thoughts flow and whatever comes out is what I read later and try and make head or tail of. Letting your mind run free with the style you soon learn that the meaning behind each sentence, though often simple, takes the whole sentence to reveal itself rather than flowing freely like more conventional writing styles. Why I write like this is out of depth however. The developer has enabled me to bring out these strange works and encouraged me to restart something which I had at one time ceased to do. Twisted or just strange, possible even 'normal' I don't know but I hope you enjoy my forays into litery expression. Instill yourself with strength if you have yet to read my excursions, they need an open mind to say the least

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