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Depth Of The Mind

Within the darkness that prevails across the landscape there shines a light to which only very few witness. Its glow isn't very big, in fact it's barely noticeable to the naked mind. This suggests only the trained can find the lights source because they are the only ones who witness it. This is however untrue as no-one can be trained to see its light. It requires a mind of the most diverse and adaptable variety, one that does not need to strive to see the light for those that do will see nothing. The ability is innate within the mind, unlearnable, as well as undefineable.

The most brilliant mind cannot comprehend the meaning of the light as they are comsumed by it when they wander too close to its true meaning. The unwary always reach it and so those aware of its presence never will even if they can see it. It is the meaning within the mind which eludes those who wish to find it. Only those whom the rest of us consider 'mad' have ever reached it. They have folded into the light, their outward mentallity seemingly uncontrolled while their minds sink within the protective world of the concious mind to explore further.

The end is nigh for those who fail to comprehend the light as the rest of us shun their inability to communicate its meaning to us, the greedy leeches that we are. A time will come when one of us shall discover the light and comprehend its meaning. That person will be the saviour of our race many believe. I am skceptical of this since who says the news will be good?.....


The above text is copyrighted to James A. Branthwaite (14/4/96)

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