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Blitzed man stands lonely, one without. Once more he leaves behind, the dead weap, their voices no longer heard.

Penetrating forth into the unknown a distraught look at a devastated landscape. Through a glass the world looks so timid, fragile. Much that stays no loger cares since it has nothing to care for.

Each time he strides out into the land the earth around is rejuvenated, its splendor once more reborn unto a place of death. Pushing all before him the man rejects all from the way, his form sweeping all before him.

Once more devastation receeds into its deepest depths yet as before as he returns it again enters the land to its horror.

Life of many but so few, he carries, his own expanding to cover all before the resurgence of pestilence, hatred and darkness. When his job is done he will leave to start again but will he ever finish the war he wages against that which he cannot control?

Wasted, not wanted but needed just as before. The life of many once more needs saving.

Never forget, without him all will perish.

Develop Me, Go On You Know You Want To!

The above text is copyrighted to James A. Branthwaite

© 1994

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