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Ode To A Bleak Mid-Winter

In the bleak mid-winter a jaundiced person peers out
The pain of loss affect the victim no doubt
Within the realm of the snow and sleet
Someone cowers by a fire outlook bleak
A huddled form struggles throught the cold
Little to protect as darkness enfolds

From the bleak mid-winter fun can be had
Often thought the results are sad
The old and the weary freeze in their homes
Little is left once spring arrives just the remenants of bones
The weight of the winter can drive you under
Much is lost as gloom decends over wonder

As the bleak mid-winter holds
The devastation is untold
People strive to stay alive
As the life is gone they writhe
Within the depths of their souls
They know winter is yet to exert its greatest toll

Storm and flood, wind and rain
Little is left to conceal the pain
The populace resigned to winters grip
Hiding in their homes reluctant to let life slip
In the night the final call rings
All is clear now, the result is spring

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The above text is copyrighted to James A. Branthwaite (10/4/96)

© 1996

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