Old News


20th April 2001   Activity levels increased. Uploads to Freeserve temperamental, updates to GoFree nightmarish.
7th June 2000   Added Iron Maiden Midi's to The Sound Zone
4th June 2000   On the move again. Finally got the Freeserve account up and running. A mirror is what we have ladies and gents!
December 1999   Joined by Red Herrings Fish Tank.
24th July 1999   MOVED TO NEW SITE ADDRESS!.
Downloads page removed for the moment until I can sort it out.
31st May 1999   Added my current MP3 playlist to The Sound Zone.
Trying to get the Downloads sections up and running starting with Computer Games.
19th May 1999   The Download pages are nearing completion. Don't forget ideas are always welcome.
28th April 1999   Minor modifications to The Sound Zone make it easier to navigate.
27th April 1999   The Sound Zone is updated with Top Albums and a whole fistfull of extra links.
15th April 1999   The Bit About Me returns though there's still no pickie yet.
14th April 1999   Downloads page added but as yet it's empty. Suggestions are welcome.
16th March 1999   The whole site gets a re-vamp. A couple of the deleted pages will return.


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