The History Of The Dead Moles Abode

The ever so brief history of the Dead Moles home.
10 years old, can it be true?!

Now at its virgin birth this home page began life. The masses out there didn't know it existed and so no-one celebrated its coming. Therefore at 6:15 p.m. on this dark, dingy Wednesday I was entrusted by myself to construct this message to those who dared venture within the confines of this page. Created on the 21st February 1996 and never to reign terror upon anyone intentionally unless they take offence at me, this or even it, being here. To those, may you suffer miserably at the hands of a small whelk within the boundaries of an infinitly large fridge! Since whelks have had the sense never to show humans their hands your obviously in luck, but until that time....beware......

Almost a year after it's first creation the Developer arrived home to find that his beloved chum the Dead Mole wasn't reprisented as he should be. So the 10th February 1997 saw the Developer out aside all his other projects and little asides and set about cleaning and rebuilding the home of the Dead Mole. Determined to clear out the clutter that his seven months away had left, the Developer resolved to prepare his pals home ready for its first birthday.....

So the big day arrived and the Developer stopped and looked at what he had done. T'wasn't bad at all just a few things missing but progress was there and looking good, question is what did everyone else think?!

It was the 1st October 1998. Much time had passed, 17 months in total, and no activity on the home of the Dead Mole. The Developer returned, his travels demonstrated how far homepages the world over had grown. He was determined to update the page once again, clear out the old and tidy up what was left. This time however there was an even greater pressure than when he last performed this task, other work! Needless to say he was determined to succeed. Once again he hoped all web surfers would be pleased with the results. It was a herculean task......

January 1999 and another new year. Four months earlier the Developer had returned to the Dead Moles home and discovered it far behind the times. Modern pages had frames THAT WORKED, there were links galore and all were looking good. What had happened since? Nothing at all. an vague sketch or two but no real idea where he was going or what he was going to do. Admitedly there had been other work to do, heave loads of it but still that was no excuse. February went by and still no change. The work had intensified but was soon to calm to an acceptable level.

March arrived and with it Frontpage '98. A new toy and a simple plan to keep it simple. The go ahead was given for a short period of work to begin to see what was possible while keeping the whole thing simple and straightforward. The start date was set:

16th March 1999.....

The Developer, relaxed in his ways, took this approach to simplicity quite well ... at first. Soon things began to slow down again but this was understandable as final year university studies started to take over. However this didn't stop the home of the Dead Mole getting tidied up abit with new menus for easier navigation. A new address was required as the end of uni was nigh and GoFree duly provided.
From it's new address Mole was joined by Red Herring as The Developer finally got down to business. To join the Mole and The Developers stories, fantasy gaming links and Porsche Page, Red brought PC games and computer hardware links. Oh yeah and a proper front page!

And then there was 2000.
Yes indeed, after Red had joined up with Mole the new year, century, millenium, etc turned up. As a result, in the truely anti-climactic manner the The Developer posseses, nothing happened. Yep no bombs and no bugs, people just moved their clocks round to avoid it all! Nuff said really.
It took until June for the shock to wear off and for The Developer to get back to work. Another new address gave the Mole and Red a mirror site for the first time. Not that it was needed but hey, if you've got it...use it or they come and take it all away!

So here we are. It's the summer of 2000 and all is well once again. The Developer continues to be sporadic and still hasn't learnt any of that fun Flash or Java stuff yet. Some things never change.....

6 6 6

Oh yes it is 6th June 2006. Seems strange it's been so long since the history of this site was last visited, mind you one would suppose it's more than appropriate.

The Developer, it seems, has been on holiday and as a result little if anything has changed. No new fun widgits, a distinct lack of doobreys and the shear quantity of whatsits that have not appeared would be astounding! If not predictable.
Speaking of predictions it's a fair bet little else will happen this year. Red Herring's Fishtank has been parked up for some time following many long fought battles across the interweb. Vimeous was last seen wading through the photographic paraphenalia of an online auction house and as for the Mole. Well dear old Mole hasn't been near a chat room or irc channel in years.
As always though there are mumourings and things could be afoot.

Ahh fat chance!

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