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Within the depths of my blast cratered mind lies the root of my musical desires. The seat to which my mind is adheared is frequently unhinged as a musical interlude strikes down those unwary brain cells daring enough to wander out into the void. With my metal roots firmly emplanted I now present my musical taste to the world.

There are my currently most listened to albums as well as my most recommended single from my collection. My favourite albums, two top tens and a list of all the artists whose work I own are also here. To round this off there are links to all the most important band sites as well as a few miscillanious links.
All this will hopefully be updated once a month. So read on and see just where I'm coming from....


Iron Maiden Midi's

Album Play List
19th December 2000

1. Use Your Illusion 1 - Guns N' Roses
2. The Crimson Idol - W.A.S.P.
3. The Number Of The Beast - Iron Maiden


Album Artist Comment
Ten Pearl Jam From an era were Nirvana dominated Pearl Jam emerged to underline just how important grundge was becoming. Ten stands alongside Nevermind as one of the defining albums of both its genre and the era alike. It will survive way beyond its time as a simply excellent musical moment in time.
Top Tracks : Jeremy amoungst an album of greats.
Seventh Son of a Seventh Son Iron Maiden Epic. There are NO tracks worse than good and most are inspired and inspiring.
Top Tracks : Moonchild; Seventh Son of a Seventh Son; The Clairvoyant. All are great though.
Ride the Lightning Metallica Where Master of Puppets is a more complete album Ride... is more epic. One of Metallica's defining moments.
Top Tracks : For Whom the Bell Tolls; Fade to Black; Creeping Death; The Call of Ktulu.
Master of Puppets Metallica Ferrocious opening and end surround a crushing mid-section. Not their greatest album but some truely brilliant tracks.
Top Tracks : Battery; Master of Puppets; Sanitarium; Damage Inc.
Superunknown Soundgarden Dark, thundering and sometimes disjointed. One of the heaviest albums I've ever heard. Though famous for Black Hole Sun this is no one track album. Soundgarden are one of the saddest losses to metal of their generation.
Top Tracks : Fell on Black Days; Spoonman; 4th of July; Like Suicide.
Ray of Light Madonna  
October Rust Type O Negative A more mature and less emotionally strained album than Type O have delivered before. Better production has helped to make a more accessable sound but the great music and lyrics are still there. Deeply impressive album.
Top Tracks : Red Water
The Bends Radiohead Beautifully constructed which despite some of its more depressing moments, manages to entrall the listener. Stunning vocals and great musical depth make this potentially haunting album one of the best of the last decade.
Top Tracks : Fake Plastic Trees
Nevermind Nirvana It defined a new era. It inspired a new generation. It is a bloody good album.
Top Tracks : Smells Like Teen Spirt; Come As You Are.
Slow Deep and Hard Type O Negative The title couldn't be more true. Deep, pained and bitter. Emotionally tense and at times excruciating it is an immense energy release. An emotional roller-coaster.
Top Tracks : All are great but gravitational constant is my fave.
Further Down The Spiral Nine Inch Nails Dark and twisted, an emotional trip of agony, sorrow and anger. One of the most evoking pieces of musical accomplishment I have ever heard.
Top Tracks : heresy (version) & hurt (live) but listen to the whole album in a dark room start to finish. It is soul-rending.
S & M Metallica Take one of the greatest metal bands in history, some of their most brilliant music, add an orchestral undertone to take it all to another level. Sold out? Doesn't really matter what you think. Take a good hi-fi, a dark room, an understanding friend and live the moment.
Top Tracks : The Call of Ktulu; Master of Puppets; For Whom the Bell Tolls; One; Battery.


My most excellent taste has caused this list to be created. It is the full stock of artists in my music collection and is in no particular order so don't assume those at the top are my favourites. This gives a pretty good idea of my music interests which have dramatically developed over about eleven years to its current state. Such greats as Metallica appear within its hallowed realms as well as the dodge stuff such as Wraith so no holds my list...

Metallica....Pearl Jam....Rage Against The Machine....Iron Maiden
Guns N' Roses....W.A.S.P....Extreme....Foo Fighters
Poison....Nirvana....Bjork....Skunk Anansie
Kiss....Fleetwood Mac....Thunder....Type O Negative
Manic Street Preachers....Slayer....Helmet....Marilyn Manson
Nine Inch Nails....Lenny Kravitz.....Prodigy....Paradise Lost
Judas Priest....White Zombie....Sepultura....Anthrax
Megadeth....Queen....Terance Trent D' Arby....Art Of Noise
Bon Jovi....Cranberries....Portishead....Alice In Chains
Madonna....The Grid....Delacy....Technohead
Cradle Of Filth....Manefesto....Korn....Led Zeppelin
Apollo 440....Smak Daddi....Faithless....Beck
Soundgarden....Fun Lovin Criminals....Smashing Pumpkins....Clawfinger
Coal Chamber....Machine Head....Fear Factory....Korn
Radiohead.....Rob Zombie.....Adam Ant.....Black Sabbath
Chris Cornell.....Ozzy Osbourne.....Merciful Fate
Tiamat.....Jean Michel Jarre.....Judas Priest
AC/DC.....Kate Bush

Musical Links

Now you've read of my taste it's time to read it from the horses mouth so to speak. So here are a few links to keep you all busy.....

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Rock On-line

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